Meet the PayIDGambler Team

Alexis Collins

Veteran journalist Alexis joined PayIDGambler in 2022, establishing high editorial standards. She now leads all content production, from in-depth casino reviews to news, driving continuous quality enhancements as PayIDGambler pursues industry leadership.

Chief Content Editor / PayID Expert

“Honesty and transparency are key values at, where I work as an editor covering the gambling industry. Our clear-cut casino reviews objectively weigh up pros against cons. We reject AI-generated content because we believe only real human experts can deliver genuine quality and unbiased opinions for our readers.”

Kylie Mino

Kylie is under Alexis guidance and ensures content quality on PayIDGambler. She never had any gambling experience before but fell in love with poker machines. Kylie used to be a small Melbourne newspaper editor before joining the team but found her passion within the gambling industry.

Content Editor

“My task at PayIDGambler is to ensure no errors, no matter how minor, distract you from exploring the PayID Gaming world.”

Jeffrey Wayne

Andrew is a hardworking newcomer to the world of software development. A bachelor’s graduate from RMIT University, he works as a full-stack developer at PayIDGambler.

Full Stack Developer

“I love applying my knowledge, I see PayIDGambler changing their approach to responsible gambling and it inspires me to make this product better.”

+15 testers

Our team includes over 15 full-time testers dedicated to testing online casinos. Their role is to monitor bonus changes, verify deposit and withdrawal processes, and interact with support teams. For each brand, they utilize our comprehensive 200+ point checklist to ensure thorough testing is conducted.

PayIDGambler Office

PayIDGambler Office

Who We Are & What We Stand for is an online casino comparison site/service. We are not an online casino and do not offer such services. The site is also intended for people living in Australia.

We test, review and gather information about online casinos in Australia only. Then we present this information to our users objectively & factually. One of our primary goals is to become a source of independent news about the Australian online casino industry.

Our Goals and Vision

One of our mottos is to empower players, educate them and provide them with the most realistic perspective about online casinos and their games. Every decision you make needs to be very well informed.

Our ongoing mission is to make iGaming as transparent as possible. That way you choose, compare and make the best decision when selecting licensed gaming operator, or when looking for the best bonus.

The website was launched in 2022 and since then we have set ourselves the goal of making the Australian iGaming/Gaming market as transparent as possible. We mention that is focused on the needs of Australian players while searching, comparing and negotiating the best deals for them. You can perceive us as an online casino comparison site.

How We Make Money & Affiliate Disclaimer

Our site is an affiliate site whereby we earn a small amount of money (commission) when our users sign up to an online casino through our site.

This commission goes towards covering running costs, paying staffs such as employees content creators contributors etc.; improving the overall quality of the website itself together with its contents primarily but not exclusively, so please bear this in mind!

You might be curious about how we can provide unbiased ratings and reviews even though we get paid by some partners listed on our site. The answer is simple: none of our listed partners have any control over what we say or write.

We will always stand for quality, transparency, and editorial integrity. Our users count on us to deliver accurate information that helps them make smart choices—and that’s exactly what we’ll do. In the interest of keeping things honest with you, it’s important that you understand how we make money on this site.

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