How to Remove PayID CommBank

PayID, which is provided by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CommBank), is a convenient payment system that allows you to send and receive money with a registered mobile number or email address. However, this guide will help you remove PayID from CommBank accounts step by step if you want it gone or need to get rid of it for any reason.

Please remember to follow these instructions only for removing PayIDs from Australian-based CommBank accounts.

Steps to Remove PayID CommBank:

  1. Log in to your CommBank account:
    • Launch the CommBank mobile app or go to the CommBank website on your computer.
    • Enter your username and password so that you can sign in.
  2. Access the PayID settings:
    • Once signed into your account, find “Settings” or “Profile” among other sections in CommBank.
    • Click on “PayID” or “Payment Settings”.
  3. Find the PayID that needs removing:
    • You will be able to see all linked PayIDs while being in the PayID settings part of your CommBank account.
    • Identify which one should be deleted from the list – it might be associated with your email address or mobile number.
  4. Choose the PayID for removal:
    • Click on the specific PayID you want to get rid of. This will either open up an additional options tab or take you to another page.
  5. Remove the PayID:
    • Look through the page containing detailed information about this particular PayID – there must be some kind of option indicating its deletion/removal status.
    • Click ‘Remove’ button/link situated nearby inside these details.
  6. Confirm the removal:
    • Confirmation prompt asking whether one actually wants to proceed with deleting the given identifier usually follows after the previous step’s completion.
    • Read such confirmation message carefully because sometimes people remove wrong things accidentally while not paying enough attention towards what they do here too often;
    • In case everything seems right, choose ‘Confirm’ button for finalizing process etcetera;
  7. Verification and completion:
    • Once confirmed, CommBank might ask for additional authentication in order to make sure removal has been authorized.
    • Follow instructions provided so that all necessary verification steps could be done successfully;
    • When verification process finishes without any issues, PayID shall disappear from within your CommBank account.
  8. Verify the PayID removal:
    • Go back to the PayID settings or look at list of them tied up with your particular account just to ensure everything has gone well.
    • PayID which you removed should not appear among those listed there anymore.

By following these steps, it is easy to remove a PayID from an Australian Commonwealth Bank Account. If you have any difficulties or further questions, contact the bank’s Customer Support on their website. Note that removing this will stop payments coming through this reference number, hence consider before removing.