How to Set up PayID ST George

Sequential Procedure:

Establishing PayID with St. George in Australia is a good way of linking your bank account to a unique identifier, thereby making it easier for you to receive payments. The official website of the bank provides a whole page dedicated to PayID where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and overall introduction to the payment system. Below are steps on how to set up PayID with St. George:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure that you qualify for setting up PayID with St. George by meeting the necessary requirements. For one to be eligible, they must be a customer of St.George who has an eligible transaction or savings account with them.
  2. Access Online Banking: Log into St.George’s online banking system through their website or mobile app. Key in your login details to proceed.
  3. Find PayID Services: Navigate to the section which provides PayID services immediately after logging in. You will see options like “PayID”, “Manage PayID” or something similar within the interface of online banking.
  4. PayID Verification: They may confirm if setting up PayID is possible by verifying whether you meet their criteria or not. This step might require proving your identity and giving more information as per regulatory compliance standards.
  5. Choose Account: Select one among your St. George transactions or savings accounts which you want linked with the payment system; if there are several such accounts, then select any of them according to preference for use during PayID transactions.
  6. Pick A PayID Identifier Type: Determine what kind of identifier type would be most suitable for you from those offered by St. George. It could be a mobile phone number or an email address.
  7. Enter PayID Details: Depending on the chosen identifier type, fill in required fields with relevant details about it.
  8. Validate Pay ID Info: Make sure entered information is correct before proceeding further, especially where there could be typographical mistakes like wrong digits when entering cell phone no etc.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up PayID with St. George bank! Remember to keep your personal details secure and update your contacts and records with your new PayID information.

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