How to Change PayID Account

In Australia, modifying your PayID account is an easy process that can be done through the internet banking platform or mobile app of your bank. Changing your PayID account details and facilitating a smooth transfer into your new account is as simple as following these steps.

Person using laptop

Step 1: Access Your Online Account

Go to the website of your bank or use their mobile banking app to access their online banking platform. Put in the ID and password you have been given in order to log into your accounts’ dashboards.

Step 2: Find PayID Settings

While within the page, locate a setting or profile spot. This would most likely be called “PayID Settings” or something similar.

Step 3: Select PayID Account for Modification

Underneath that, you will find all your active payid accounts. Highlight and click on the one that needs changing or updating.

Step 4: Change PayID Details

You will be able to make changes to this information once you have selected it from among all other various options available on screen. Notably, it contains the email address or mobile number which is used to identify it as well as any linked financial institution.

Step 5: Update PayID Identifier

If you want a different pay id identifier, provide another phone number or email where you can be reached with regard to such transactional matters. The new identifier should be valid and belong to you personally.

Step 6: Modify Linked Bank Account

If there’s another bank account that should now connect with this particular pay id, select change linked account option instead. You will need the name of a financial institution plus its account number in order for this action take effect properly.

Step 7: Validate Changes Made

Before making final adjustments, go over all altered payid details ensuring they are accurate as intended by checking whether freshly entered numbers correspond with them.

Step 8: Make Changes Official

Once the adjustments have been reviewed and crosschecked, confirm them. This can entail clicking the “Save” or “Confirm” command button on your bank’s platform.

Step 9: Wait for Confirmation

Your payid account changes will be taken care of by your bank from here. Since it may sometimes take a while before such transitions become effective, it is important for one to relax and wait either for a confirmation message or an email from the institution.

Step 10: Test out Your PayID Account

Finally, after receiving a notification that these changes have been effected, test whether this has occurred. For instance, Make a small payment in order to determine whether the pay id was updated successfully or alternatively request someone to send you money through the new one created.

All these steps will assist you in changing your PayID account details in Australia effortlessly. Furthermore, keep your PayID identifier and linked bank account information secure while updating any relevant documents or entities with your new account information.