What Is PayID, And Why Is It Safe For Casino Gamblers?

Withdrawing money to the wrong account, fraud, or delayed payments are among the disadvantages of online banking and some gambling ventures.

Today, most gamblers complain of the disappearance of funds in their accounts and unforeseen financial issues. Luckily, all these practices continue to change with the introduction of faster, reliable, and secure online gambling payment solutions.

What Is PayID

As a gambler, you need a fast and secure payment system that improves your gambling experience. You also need a wagering platform that matches your preference or has the most reliable banking system.

Credit cards, debit cards, Visa pay, Neteller, Mastercard, bank transfer, and Paysafecard are among the most common payment options casinos offer. But on the contrary, there is a new & improved, simple, and secure payment system today known as PayID.

So, What Is PayID?

PayID is a reliable, simple, fast, secure, and unique identifier payment solution between different online accounts or bank accounts in Australia.

Today, more than 100 Australian credit unions, banks, and financial institutions offer PayID as a mode of making secure and instant payments. With a PayID, you can transfer funds between two different banks safely. A feature that makes it a reliable payment alternative for Australian casino gamblers.

You can efficiently send and receive money instantly (within minutes) into your bank account from a casino account with your PayID account.

Sportsbooks and gaming sites in Australia are slowly appreciating PayID as a mode of payment because of its reliable features.

Advantages of PayID

Using PayID in online casinos has five advantages. These advantages will make your gambling experience comfortable.

  • Simple – You can make payments with your phone or email address.
  • Smart – You can personalize all payment messages.
  • Secure – You can confirm the receiving bank’s details before making any payment.
  • Instant – Making deposits and withdrawals is fast.
  • Flexible – You can transfer funds between different banks.

How to Register a PayID Account

Creating a PayID account involves a straightforward five-minute procedure. There are only 4 steps to follow.

But Remember!

You have two options for creating a PayID account: 

  • with the banking app
  • with the internet

However, you should confirm with your bank if it offers PayID as a payment option before linking it with your casino account.

Step-By-Step Process Of PayID Registration

  1. Visit the official PayID website.
  2. Navigate to the “find my bank” search option.
  3. Click your bank and proceed to link your PayID account. But remember that your PayID should be easy to remember. It could be your phone number or an email address.
  4. Your bank will notify you of the available PayID type.
  5. Follow the steps provided to create an account.

PayID Gambler’s Recommendations

PayID has one of the most significant advantages that may also be its biggest disadvantage. According to Twitter user anthonycr0, anyone can find your name just by typing your phone number into the PayID system. Although designed to reveal who you are paying, this characteristic of PayID also can be a serious invasion of privacy. This vulnerability was actually found in Westpac’s system and in 2019 hackers were able to obtain data about 98,000 users.

It is discomforting that someone could sell my phone number, first name, and last name on the deep web, though not a major bug as such. In order to reduce this risk, we recommend creating a separate email account exclusively for PayID purposes. For identity protection it is better not to use your mobile as an ID – instead create an email address specifically for PayID only if there is any concern about personal information.


Today, online casinos offer secure payment options. So, you should pick a payment option that facilitates faster and more efficient deposits and withdrawals as a gambler.

PayID is a secure real-time payment solution that several casinos in Australia continue to embrace. It is a game changer in an online gambling venture. Therefore, you should pay using PayID today and worry less about delayed payments or account hacking.