How to Set up PayID with Westpac

PayID is a payment facilitator for Aussie users that allows transactions within the country with a unique payment address. You must have a unique PayID for your account to use the service. We’ve prepared this post that will answer all your questions, such as how to pay someone with Payid Westpac, limits, and all related information. 

We’ve tested the process of setting up a PayID, and it’s quite simple. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to set up PayID Westpac.

Using a Mobile App 

If you’re a mobile banking user, you can activate your PayID through the official mobile app of Westpac Bank. To know how to register PayID Westpac, please read the steps below. 

  1. Download the latest version of the Westpac App on your mobile phone/tablet from the App Store and Google Play Store. 
  2. Log in with the app with your account credentials. 
  3. Navigate to the Menu section and look for Payments. Alternatively, you can also type PayID in the search bar. 
  4. Under the payment section, you can see the option to create PayID. 
  5. Tap on PayID settings and provide an email address or mobile number you would like to use to create your PayID. 
  6. Complete the set-up by sharing the verification code sent to you via email or mobile with the bank.
  7. Test the setup by making a small payment or transferring a small amount to your new PayID. 

Using Online Banking 

For online banking users, we also prepared instructions

  1. Log in to online banking by providing a customer ID and password. 
  2. Then, access the dashboard and go to Service > Services > Account Services > PayID/Pay to Mobile section. 
  3. Click ‘Register Now’ and enter your mobile number or email to set up the PayID. 
  4. The PayID system will ask for your documents for verification.
  5. After completing a quick verification, you can start using the service.

How Do I Pay Someone with PayID Westpac?

So how does PayID work Westpac? After completing the PayID setup, you can use the PayID at all online and offline merchant establishments that support the National Payments Platform. You can open the Westpac banking service, input the recipient’s PayID, specify the amount, and proceed with the transaction.

Based on our experience, the best part of using PayID for payments is that it will display the payee’s name while making the payment and complete the transaction only if the added PayID is valid.

Westpac PayID Limit

PayID transaction limits vary across banks. You can pay only up to A$ 250 per transaction up to A$1,000 per day to customers who haven’t activated pay to mobile service or other financial institutions. You can only conduct 10 payments in a day.

How Long Does PayID Take Westpac?

Transactions by PayID are instant on Westpac, even on non-banking days. However, you might experience delays if verification is pending, errors or discrepancies are spotted in the information you provide, or you are trying to transfer funds beyond the permitted limits. 

How to Change PayID Number Westpac?

You can’t change your PayID even if your phone number or ABN changes, but you can shift it within two Westpac bank accounts. You can change the account to pay from the PayID settings. You first have to update your Westpac SMS ProtectTM number before proceeding. You can contact the bank on 1300 655 505 if you have any issues or concerns about how to use PayID Westpac. 

What is PayID Westpac?

PayID supports peer-to-peer decentralised payments without sharing sensitive financial information. PayID Westpac is a unique identifier for your Westpac bank account that you can create using your mobile phone number, email ID, or ABN. 

With using a PayID Westpac account, you no longer have to memorise or share your Westpac account number or share it with the payee/payor to make a payment.

How to pay with PayID Westpac? Easy, after creating your unique PayID, you can simply transfer the money to the payor’s PayID or bank account via the Westpac website or mobile banking application.

After conducting experiments with it, we’re pretty sure that transactions using PayID are fast, secure, available 24/7, and straightforward. In the following section, we’ll explain how to get PayID Westpac and how to use it.

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