How to Use PayID ANZ 

Sequential Procedure Guide

Creating your PayID in the ANZ App is quite easy. The procedure is quite similar for every bank, yet if it’s your first time doing it — you can watch a video by ANZ that shows all the steps you have to take in order to create one. Using PayID with ANZ in Australia allows you to simplify and streamline the process of receiving payments.

To utilize PayID effectively with ANZ, follow the steps below:

Check availability for PayID. Verify that PayID can be used with an ANZ account. The bank provides PayIDs for eligible transaction and savings accounts. For the latest information, consult ANZ’s site or get in touch with their customer service.

Enter internet banking. Login to ANZ online banking through their website or mobile app. Fill in your login details to continue.

Find where they have PayID services. After signing in, go to the PayID services section on the interface of online banking. There may be options like “PayID”, “Manage PayID” or similar ones.

Prove eligibility to PayID. They will check whether you qualify for using a Pay ID; some verifications may require proof of identity along with additional regulatory information.

Associate accounts. Choose which ANZ transactions or savings account should be linked with your Pay ID. If there are multiple accounts, select one for this purpose.

Pick what kind of identifier you want your PayID to use. Decide on a type of identifier for your pay id among various options offered by ANZ such as mobile phone numbers or email addresses. Select the most suitable one for yourself.

Provide details about PayID selected earlier. Enter necessary information corresponding to each selected identifiers. For instance, if you used a mobile phone number then provide the correct number and if it was an email address then enter the right email into the appropriate fields provided.

Verify details entered earlier. Before moving forward, verify that all entered details are accurate, especially one involving either mobile phone numbers or email addresses.

Acceptance of terms and conditions. Read and tick acceptance box signifying agreement to comply with rules governing usage of any specified service, referred to as PayID. While keeping track of such rights given under it so as not later claim ignorance about them if you need arises during its implementation period.

Confirm set up process has been completed successfully. When satisfied, click confirm button shown after reviewing everything else concerning setting up process but depending on particularity of online banking system being used this could also be labelled as set up PayID instead.

Confirmation receipt. Once PayID setup is done, ANZ will send you a confirmation message or notification. Save this information for future reference.

Share with others. Let people know that you have created PayID with ANZ by sharing necessary contact details such as mobile number or email address required to them make payments into your account.

Pay directly to a person’s PayID instead of providing bank account details when making transfers.

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